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I would love to hear from you. Please provide any comments on my site, send Diane and I some birding tips for our Big Year, or just say hi.

Thanks in advance,


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I thinj it was your smile and positive energy that atracted all those birds to you!!   CONGRATULATIONS on your huge achievement.  It was a delight to see your progress through the year.
I am so impressed by your dedication to your Big Year - you did fantastic - we are all proud of you. ❤️
I loved the story of the cackling geese.  Well done.
Hi Sue, It was so nice to meet you both this morning in Essex.  I obviously found your site ~ nice job, and great photos.  Good Luck on your "300" quest, I'll be following you progress, Mike.
great idea, Sue!  I have just passed on the info to my mother who has missed so much by not being on FB, this way she can enjoy your photos too!  So I see that your websites colours match your winter outfit, is your spring coat the same colour?  :)
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